Australian tech jobs are seeing the highest average advertised salaries since March while the USA sees further declines, the October statistics from tech job analysts Gooroo reveal.

In the three months to October 2015, the average advertised salary of Australian tech positions has increased by 1.4%, 1.2% and 2.0% in August, September and October respectively. The average salary for tech professionals in Australia is now AUD$104,301.

Conversely, the United States of America has seen a marked decline in average salaries since May this year, falling another 3.7% in October.

"It is certainly good news for the Australian tech industry," says Gooroo CEO and Founder Greg Muller. "The lure for great tech talent to move overseas, particularly to areas like Silicon Valley, has been strong in recent years but this could be just the boost Australia needs to keep our talent onshore."

Average tech salary in the US, Australia, and UK *N.B. Monthly average salaries have been converted to USD for ease of comparison. *

Both the UK and USA had been facing similar downward salary pressures in recent months, however October has seen the average tech salary in Britain bounce back to an average of £46,570.

"It's been great to see the UK recover to post a 5.3% jump this month on September's average salary," says Mr Muller. "It's a return for the British tech industry to where they were earlier this year which is encouraging."

In Australia, the demand for mobile skills has continued to see increased average salaries, rising another 1.4% in October to an average of $105,096, while infrastructure roles continue their rise from September by adding a further 2.3% to average $106,287.

"Software development roles have once again topped the average salaries in Australia averaging $109,026 which is a 2.4% turnaround from recent months where it has seen slight declines," says Mr Muller. "Unfortunately the good news doesn't extend to those in database technology roles where advertised salaries continued to fall a further 1.4% in October," concluded Mr Muller.

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