10 Culminating Android Code editors custom-made for app developers

Android App Development encompasses the use of handy code editors which make the process of editing complex, lengthy code a complete breeze.

Android App Development encompasses the use of handy code editors which make the process of editing complex, lengthy code a complete breeze. Although the Google Play Store is flooded with applications that work as best options for meeting different types of coding requirements; it is recommended to opt for the one that enables you to come up with an app that delivers an out-of-the-box user experience. If you've ever chosen to hire Android app developer, you'd have definitely witnessed him/her using a suitable code editor that saves him a lot of headache associated with moderating complicated code snippets. In today's post, I'll be taking a closer look at 10 of the most amazing Android code editors that will impressively cut down a lot of time and effort that goes into performing multiple tweaks to the app's code.

1. Jota Text Editor

As a distinguished Android code editor, Jota Text Editor has been specially designed for a large text file. It comes with an editor function that supports until 1 million different characters. Some of the most stunning features available with the Jota Text Editor include scroll with Flick, Undo/Redo, Auto save, auto capitalize, text sharing via an external application, touch-screen support, auto indent, QWERTY keyboard and Viewer mode.

2. Quoda

Serving as a commendable multi-language code editor, Quoda is an easy-to-use code editing tool that's loaded with some of the finest features including line bookmarking, auto-indentations, syntax highlighting, auto-suggestions, line bookmarking and many more. While Quoda allows you to upload files to an infinite count of FTP and FTPS servers, features that make it stand out from a crowd include website source downloader, HTML cleaner, find and replace, flexibility to preview HTML files etc.

3. DroidEdit

As a free Android code editor, DroidEdit comes with a simple and clean interface. It's syntax highlighting features comes loaded with 200+ different languages along with pre-defined themes. While the Emmet feature allows you to expand the simple expressions into HTML code, the Write mode enables you to turn-off the auto-correct, followed by switching on spell-checker mode. Some other interesting features available with DroidEdit include search and replace, line wrap, support for editing system files on the rooted device and additional keys on keyboard to aid with faster code typing.

4. AWD

AWD(Android Web Developer) is an Android code editor custom-made for app developers who want to make changes to their code while on a move. This IDE(Integrated Development Environment) supports all major file formats including PHP, JS, HTML, CSS and JSON. That means, AWD allows you to convert your Android tablet(with a simple keyboard) into a real development box. Some other noteworthy features of AWD code editor include: code highlighting, error checking, code beautification with asingle click, unlimited Undo/Redo, Periodical auto-saving, Rename/create/delete/copy-paste files inside project and Git integration.

5. C4droid

C4droid is a user-friendly C/C++ IDE plus C/C++ compiler tailored to suite the needs of Android users. Whether it's exporting and/or sharing your programs as APKs, C4droid makes the job easier for you. This is a simple-to-use source code editor with features such as code completion, syntax highlighting, file association, undo-redo and code formatting. Additionally, a free GCC plugin available with C4droid allows you to enjoy features like a fully-functional C++ compiler, debugger with breakpoints, semi-automatic open source library porting feature etc.

6. Webmaster's HTML editor

Available in a free Lite version, Webmaster's HTML editor also comes in a Pro version that can be purchased by paying a sum of $4.99. Some of the best features available with this HTML code editor include: Undo/Redo, support for HTML, CSS, PHP and JavaScript, code completion, virtual keys for tags, syntax highlighting and many more.

7. Deuter IDE

Serving as an online compiler, a mobile-based programming text editor and an IDE(Integrated Development Environment), Deuter IDE is a must-have for every Android developer. Features such as syntax highlighting, support for 40+ programming languages, virtual keys for common programming symbols etc. make Deuter IDE an excellent option for writing and editing code on the move. Other remarkable features of Deuter IDE include Facebook and Twitter integration to enable sharing of code, history of compiled submissions, user defined templates, HTML previewing and many more.


As a code editor cum IDE(Integrated Development Environment), AIDE allows you to follow interactive coding lessons, thereby enabling you to master the art of application development. Features like code completion, smart code navigation and real-time error checking make AIDE one of the widely used tools among Android app developers.

9. Touchqode

A popular Android code editor, Touchqode comes with syntax highlighting for popular programming languages like Java, C++, PHP, Ruby, JavaScript, C#. You can use Touchqode for viewing and editing your source code via the convenience of your Android powered smartphone or tablet. All you need to do is simply install the code editor in your device and you can get started with coding from anywhere at anytime.

10. CppDroid

Serving as a highly intuitive Android code editor, CppDroid comes packaged with features like real-time diagnostics, terminal emulation for running compiled programs, code completion and auto-indentation. Offering support for Dropbox, CppDroid allows you to store your code on this popular cloud storage provider, offering an easy access to all programmers working on the code.


Now that you've got familiar with the best Android code editors, it's time to analyze your needs and expectations before shortlisting one for your ongoing/upcoming Android app development project.