Formidable Reasons that Make HTML5 the Favorite of Web Developers Today

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Beyond any comparison, the fifth as well as the latest version of Hyper Text Markup Language is absolutely fantastic in many terms. It has been addressed as a timely innovation which website builders eye to frame websites. All the advanced technologies essentially, Java, CSS, flash programs, and other APIs are brilliantly supplemented for manifesting website contents in the framework of HTML5, superior to XHTML. There are some sound, practical, and clear-cut reasons that add to the popularity of HTML5 in today’s website building scenario. An HTML5 developer gets more options to frame websites compared to programmers working with similar platforms. This extract explains how HTML5 becomes a valuable companion for website builders.

Smartphone compatibility

No doubt the world nowadays is after handheld and compatible screen resolutions. Mobile devices have taken over the communication needs of the world in all means; hence responsive designs stand inevitable to a designer. HTML5 is a ready-made tool to create sites and web applications for any kind of screen sizes. Meta tags of HTML5 are exclusively crafted for optimizing smaller screen displays. This framework offers immense choices to design widths, full screen modes, and home buttons so easily in all popular operating systems.

Elegant and neat codes

Objective codes that are more meaningful, simple and easy to split and describe are the lifeline of any modern framework. HTML5 is supreme in this aspect. No designer can call for a better code than HTML 5.

Doctype attributes

Editing and pasting of long winding codes happen to be a nightmare for most designers. Doctype attributes readily available with HTML5 set it as an easy task for designers. The beauty of these doctype attributes is that it goes with most of the web browsers.

Interactive/ dynamic

A lively website should be dynamic. It must respond to the activities of users correctly. Users receive a much improved experience with APIs and animations while working with HTML5. Media playbacks along with animations work well in HTML5, for it has advanced CSS functionalities to the core.

Multiple browser support

The codes are modern, so some of the older versions of IE6 fail to support it. Still all the browsers including Firefox, Opera, and chrome so on are perfect for HTML5. Expert developers can even use the codes in IE6 as well, by making some small changes in the java codes.

Storage space and Location support

The local storage feature is one of the best features of this platform. The data used by the user will remain in storage spaces, even if the user deletes all cookies. Creating of apps can be made simple with HTML5 by using this function. Recent additions like GPS locations enable HTML5 to provide valid information to the user based on the user’s geo-location itself.

Great support for audio and video

Inclusion of audio or video in web contents is a real task for designers. They will have to include a large set of codes to accomplish the task. HTML5 has reduced this task to mere 50%. It enables all media files both audio and video, play well having less weighted codes attached to it. The result is fast downloading of files, and super speed browsing.

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