Melbourne (Australia) 9 July, 2015 – Tech career marketplace Gooroo, has released its June tech career and salary trend data and reveals a better end to the second half of the financial year than anticipated.

A downward trend in average salaries and demand for Australia’s tech talent over the past six months, has been again been stemmed by the end of the financial year.

“A similar trend was observed last year,” says Greg Muller, CEO and Founder of Gooroo. “We’ve seen a consistent fall in demand and salary since January this year, but with the end of financial year again comes some stability for the sector.”

June 2015 saw a drop of less than 1% in advertised jobs from May, with 26,850 opportunities posted across the country while salaries remained steady, up 0.2% from May to an average of $99,929.

After peaking in December 2014 at $114,426, the first half of 2015 had seen consistent drops of between 1.8% and 3.1% to fall more than 10% lower than the salaries being advertised in the corresponding period the year prior.

Gooroo’s trend data indicates that tech careers will generally see a slow climb in salaries for the remainder of the calendar year with the release of new budgets. According to Mr Muller though, the plateau hasn’t occurred based only on timing, but also on the back of increasing demand for particular skills.

“The driving force behind the stability is not just financial. We’ve also seen mobile technology related skills record a 9% jump in salaries over the month of June,” said Muller. “That’s indicative of a push from the market to hire great talent in the mobile development space.”

Mobile technology skills in demand included iOS development, mobile design, Appium and developers for Windows Mobile. Salaries for these skills increased 19% in the first half of the last financial year before falling slightly with the industry trend over the past 6 months.

Talent working in the field of Big Data and database development have seen the smallest decline in salaries, falling just 6% over the past year.

As more businesses move to cloud operations and large data centres however, infrastructure experts are being left behind with average salaries recording a 13% drop year on year.

The June 2015 and previous monthly updates can be found online.

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