Each month, Gooroo Insights provides an update on key programming languages, how in demand they are, and what is being offered for them in the job market.

In terms of background, we are currently analysing ~500,000 tech jobs every single month, half of which are in the software development area. We take this data, pass it through a whole heap of natural language processing tools, some predictive algorithms we've decided, and output a number of key stats.

Where's [my.favourite.language]? We track 25 languages each month. The majority of them however are only found in less than 1% of all job ads. They really crowd up that left hand side of the chart. If you are interested in skills like Haskell, Lua, or Prolog, then you can visit the stats section of Gooroo to get all the details.

The overall view

Lately, C# has fallen back in demand to its normal position leaving JavaScript and Java to take first and second place. Over 27% of all software related job ads mention Java and/or JavaScript. They're key skills to have.

C# and C follow up behind with 10.3% and 9.5% of mentions. C++ has fallen behind recently sitting alongside Python.

Global salary/demand stats

United States

USA Salary/Demand stats

The US market for tech jobs has increased significantly over the past few months although overall salaries have remained relatively steady between the $100,000 - $110,000 USD range. The number of jobs in each state varies considerably, as do their salaries.

Java continues to be the most in demand skill with one of the higher salaries in the US software development sector. It's 12% lead ahead of JavaScript has shortened to ~2%. C#, and C skills are still in good demand and are paying reasonably well.

Great Britain

UK Salary/Demand stats

Have the English traded in C# for JavaScript?.

For a long time, C# had been in much higher demand than any other language in the UK. Recently however things appear as they do in most other regions. JavaScript has taken the 1st position for most popular language, although is paying almost £2,000 less than C#, and £5,000 below advertised Java roles.

Has the love affair with C# ended? We'll let you know next month!


Australian salary/demand stats

JavaScript is easily the most frequently mentioned skill in Australian software development ads. Jobs mentioning it are paid similar salaries to those asking for C# skills (which is the 3rd most popular language in Australia).

Java roles are paying on average $103,000 AUD. R and Ruby jobs however are offering salaries in the $107 - 108,000 AUD range, although demand for those is extremely low with mentions in less than 2% of software development ads.

Key take-away points

  • In all but the US, JavaScript remains the most in demand language. In the US, there are more jobs advetised for Java skills.

  • For the first time in a year, JavaScript has taken the lead place in job demand within the UK, knocking C# off its perch.

    • Java continues to demand higher salaries than most other skills, and is a good solid choice for career opportunities.

Important points about this analysis

  • When reading these charts, the lower the demand for a skill, the less reliable the salary indicators become. It only takes a handful of jobs to shift the data point. To compensate for this, we've used a weighted average based on the number of jobs at various salary points, although even this isn't perfect.

  • Job data is extremely useful as it's plentiful and provides a lot of fascinating and interesting data to work with. It also has its challenges. You should read our full disclosure about the analysis for an insight into these challenges.