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Having attained the reputation of being a leading web development language, PHP has become the number one choice of web developers residing in different parts of the world. Whether you run a small business or an established one, a timely investment in PHP development can aid in flawless growth of your business prospects. Known for its simplicity, scalability and utmost flexibility, PHP has been effectively utilized for programming websites and software products which need to be catered to different groups of target audience. Keep on reading this article to know about some of the major advantages of choosing PHP development as a business owner.

1. PHP is free and open source

The open source nature of PHP makes it one of the best tools for design and development of websites and web applications which need to look good and function in the desired way. As a business owner, you can ask your in-house web developer or hire WordPress developer from OSSMedia Ltd. to modify the source code which has been downloaded for PHP. In this way, you can easily include all the required features into your existing web portal.

2. PHP is platform independent

Compatibility with all major operating system platforms like Linux, Windows and Unix variations make PHP a prime choice of entrepreneurs who're looking forward to use PHP for integrating new apps into the existing IT infrastructure. That means, in order to add a new app, you aren't supposed to change the website's code a lot.

3. Faster web development is guaranteed with PHP

Since PHP uses its own memory space and puts very less load on the server, you can rest assured of the fact that PHP website development would consume a very less amount of time and your efforts. Additionally, WordPress website development has also become the leading choice of developers who're already familiar with the basics related to PHP. So, if you're looking ahead to power applications like CMS, CRM, Forums or eCommerce stores, then nothing works better than PHP.

4. Backed by a rich history of having delivered millions of robust websites

History reveals the fact that PHP has always been regarded as one of the outstanding scripting languages used by entrepreneurs residing in different parts of the world. Utilized for building content management systems and a variety of development frameworks, PHP has served as an excellent tool for making the most of available web development options.

5. Support for a wide range of databases

PHP supports a broad array of databases including dBase, InterBase, MySQL, IBM DB2 and many more. Therefore, you can grab the opportunity of building complex websites belonging to different types of business organizations.

6. Support for a wide range of web servers

PHP supports all major web servers including Netscape, iPlanet server, Microsoft IIS, personal webserver and many more. This feature serves as an excellent add-on for business professionals who're planning to change something about their online presence or already have the infrastructure setup appropriately. Similar to when you hire professional WordPress developer, even hiring a PHP expert would expect you to stay extra cautious.

7. When it comes to security, nothing can beat PHP

The existence of multiple security layers make PHP one of the most secure options for developing the most critical websites and web applications.


Considered as one of the most sought after web solution, PHP is highly scalable. Considering the cut-throat business competition, opting for PHP can undoubtedly serve as an excellent choice for affirming long-term profits.