The average tech salary in Australia fell by 6% between January and March 2015.

Tech career marketplace, Gooroo, has released it’s tech career and salary trends for Q1 2015.

These trends have indicated that 2015 so far has not followed the rising salaries seen towards the end of 2014. The average tech salary in Australia has indeed fallen by 6% between January and March 2015. This varies by technology and industry, although the general trend is represented in most areas examined.

The downturn is most noticeable in advertised salaries for Mobile Developers and jobs asking for skills across a number of enterprise products (e.g. CRM, SharePoint, Cognos). Although demand remained stable, mobile developers saw their asking salaries drop by 13% to $98,500, with enterprise software experts following with a drop of 8%.

_“Infrastructure skills and software developers have been hit less with only a 3% and 5% drop in advertised salaries respectively. We noticed an interesting trend however, where jobs for ‘software engineers’ were offering salaries slightly higher than the average”_, claims Gooroo VP Product, Carl Joseph.

A similar trend can be seen in salaries throughout Great Britain, with a drop of 2.7% this year, bringing the average to £50,247. The USA however remains steady with average technology salaries around the US$90,500 mark.

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