The following charts show the salary and demand statistics for various Enteprise Products. The data is taken from the analysis of job advertisements in the United States, Great Britain, and Australia.

Enterprise Products in the USA

Enterprise Products in the USA

Enterprise Products in Great Britain

Enterprise Products in GB

Enterprise products in Australia

Enterprise Products in Australia

  • We see the appearance of a few jobs for MS Dynamics GP, and CRM.
  • Demand for Microsoft Exchange has fallen, placing Business Intelligence in the lead position.
  • SharePoint isn't as popular in Australia as it is in other regions.
  • Demand for Cognos has risen in March and with that salaries have been adjusted downwards to ~$110,000AUD.

About this analysis

  • When reading these charts, the lower the demand for a skill, the less reliable the salary indicators become. It only takes a handful of jobs to shift the average.

  • Job data is extremely useful as it's plentiful and provides a lot of fascinating and interesting aspects to work with. It also has its challenges. You should read our full disclosure about the analysis for an insight into these challenges.