The following charts show the salary and demand statistics for various Infrastructure Technology. The data is taken from the analysis of job advertisements in the United States, Great Britain, and Australia.

Infrastructure technology in the USA

Tech infrastructure in the USA

  • We observer very little change from January 2014.
  • Management of Database Servers and SAN skills are the most in demand infrastructure skills asked for in the United States.
  • IIS skills are more in demand than Apache, and continue to pay approx. $10,000USD less on average.
  • Average salaries for infrastructure related technologies are around the ~$95,000USD mark.

Infrastructure technology in Great Britain

Tech Infrastructure in GB

  • Server Consolidation salaries have fallen back to normal levels. We suspect January's contract positions for this skill have been filled.
  • Management of Database Servers systems are the most in demand infrastructure skills asked for in Great Britain.
  • Demand and slary for IIS and Apache continue to be very similar.

Infrastructure skills in Australia

Tech Infrastructure in Australia

  • Jobs mentioning various infrastructure skills in Australia continue to pay very well, usually above $100,000AUD.
  • System Administration is the most in demand skill, although is at the lower salary range, asking $95,000AUD on average.
  • Salary for jobs mentioning Hyper-V have fallen back down to normal levels, although IIS and Server Architecture skills continue to pay well.

About this analysis

  • When reading these charts, the lower the demand for a skill, the less reliable the salary indicators become. It only takes a handful of jobs to shift the average.

  • Job data is extremely useful as it's plentiful and provides a lot of fascinating and interesting aspects to work with. It also has its challenges. You should read our full disclosure about the analysis for an insight into these challenges.