The following charts show the salary and demand statistics for Development Frameworks. The data is taken from the analysis of job advertisements in the United States, Great Britain, and Australia.

Development Frameworks in the USA

Dev Frameworks in USA

  • Spring continues to be the most in demand framework with jQuery following closely behind.
  • Salaries are well contrained with a higher earning group in Spring, Ruby on Rails, Struts, and JavaScript frameworks.
  • Jobs mentioning Ember.js remain high with other JavaScript frameworks dropping slightly. Although demand is very low so may not necessarily be statistically significant.

Development Frameworks in Great Britain

Dev Frameworks in Great Britain

  • jQuery continues to be the most in demand framework in Great Britain.
  • Mono salaries have fallen since January.
  • Backbone.js is now paying slightly more than Angularjs and showing slightly more demand, although they are extremely close.

Development Frameworks in Australia

Dev Frameworks in Australia

  • jQuery is the most in demand framework in Australia.
  • JavaScript frameworks such as Backbone.js and Ember.js appear to pay very highly, although this appears to be an anomaly due to a few very high paying jobs being advertised repeatedly throughout the month. These jobs only make a passing reference to these JavaScript frameworks.
  • Ruby on Rails demand has dropped slightly in Australia.

About this analysis

  • When reading these charts, the lower the demand for a skill, the less reliable the salary indicators become. It only takes a handful of jobs to shift the average.

  • Job data is extremely useful as it's plentiful and provides a lot of fascinating and interesting aspects to work with. It also has its challenges. You should read our full disclosure about the analysis for an insight into these challenges.