It's that time of year again

Everyone seems to publish their Top 10 list at the end of the year. Some rely on stats from surveys, others look at how many GitHub projects use a certain language, whilst others are purely anecdotally based. They're all good ways to investigate the trends (except maybe the anecdotal version).

Using our data which consists now of over 4,000,000 job ads in the United States, Great Britain, and Australia, we look at how often a particular skill is mentioned in ads.

The Top 10

Top 10 progamming languages - world wide

Immediately we notice that SQL has almost double the number of the next most popular language. Some might argue about SQL even being a programming language, but we've decided to include it as it is Turing Complete.

At the other end we find Perl. In examining a number of the related job ads, many include it alongside PowerShell and it appears to be mostly used as a scripting/administrative language rather than for fully fledged applications in itself.

**In the middle **there are no real surprises. JavaScript has consistently topped our list of in demand languages with Java and C# trading places depending on which region we examine.

The top 10 languages vary very little across regions. In Australia, R takes the place of Perl. In Great Britain C# jumps ahead of JavaScript in popularity, and PHP swaps places with Python. In the United States, C# falls down below C++.

Where are all these jobs?

The table below shows the top 10 programming languages and where most of the demand is experienced. Locations are listed in order of most mentions to fewer mentions. Many of the same locations appear in a similar order, and this is mainly a function of population.

What are they paying?

Average salaries are always tricky to calculate, and when we start comparing between countries, or even within a country, we run into living cost variations. So whilst the table below is an overview, we encourage you to explore the stats for yourself on the Gooroo site.

Here we take a look at the average salary for jobs which mention these top 10 skills.

Want more? has all these stats and many more available for you to explore. Jump into our analytics area to explore salaries, demand, and trends for your state or city.