Its all about the "default" KRE runtime (probably alpha3)

Visual Studio uses whichever version of the K runtime that is currently marked as "default".

Therefore to install the latest version of the k-runtime, and to tell visual studio to use it, use the follwoing kvm command:

> kvm.ps1 install latest -p -a default

Make sure you restart Visual Studio 2014.

And the build targets

However, this is not enoush, as it will lead to the following build error:

1>------ Build started: Project: Deploy-vNext, Configuration: Debug Any CPU ------
1>  Specify --help for a list of available options and commands.
1>  System.Exception: TODO: Error: unrecognized option '--check'

So we need to modify the ASPNet Targets file to remove the --check option.

The file in question is located at:

C:\Program Files (x86)\MSBuild\Microsoft\VisualStudio\v14.0\AspNet\Microsoft.Web.AspNet.targets

The line in question is 119, which can be removed.

<!-- this governs whether artifacts are built or not -->
<DontBuildArtifacts Condition="'$(OutputType)' == 'Console' Or '$(OutputType)' == 'Web'">--check</DontBuildArtifacts>

Which can be replaced with:

<!-- this governs whether artifacts are built or not, broken in "beta1, so removed"-->

With that small change, everything should run along swimmingly.