The spread of tech salaries can be quite large in some regions. In this piece, we take a brief look at this range and identify the top, middle, and lowest earners.

Growth potential

At first glance, we notice the Australian and British marketplace has a much larger range of salaries than the Unites States. Although the average salaries of each country are quite similar (~$93,000USD), there are many more higher paying jobs outside of the United States.

This means that your salary growth in the United States is limited to approximately $64,000 after starting out on $40k as a Service Desk Analyst and moving towards $100k as a Infrastructure Architect. In comparisson, the same roles in the UK will get you from $60k to $127k (USD), and $54k to $133k (USD) in Australia. If you want salary growth, then the USA is not the place to be.

Technology career salary ranges

A closer look

Looking at salaries as a whole, "architect" roles top the scales in all regions leaving a huge gap behind them. Programmers of various denominations follow. These roles make up the largest range and are interspersed with business analysts, project managers, and technical writers. The bottom of the salary range is occupied by some general administrative and support roles.

Selected roles and their salaries

But where are the jobs?

Developer roles

As we've seen in previous analysis, Java developers top the charts in pay and demand, with .NET coming in close behind. The rest of the roles are a mixed bag. We find rising demand for Front End, Mobile and UX roles.

Developer roles - Salary vs Demand

Admin and infrastructure roles

Infrastructure roles obey a slight negative correlation with higher paid roles in less demand than lowe paid ones. Not much to say here except that the more generic "Systems Administrator" type roles show high demand. Windows DevOps (not shown) hold a similar salary to their Linux counterparts although the demand is even less.

Infrastructure roles - Salary vs Demand

Management and analysis roles

Business Analysts are both in high demand, and earn good money. If you're in Australia or the UK , then a BA roles will earn you $100k+ (USD) and demand for these skills is the highest of most careers we've analysed.

However, if you're in the United States, Business Analysts (and most IT Management styled roles) are at the lower portion of the salary scale so be wary.

Management & Analysis roles - Salary vs Demand

About the data

The data for this study was collected between January and August 2014 and is taken from over 2 million job advertisements. Salaries have been converted into US Dollars using the current exchange rates (1 : 1.63 : 0.90 for USA : GB : Australia). Salaries haven't been adjusted to account for market purchasing power or local economies.