How to do it on windows

Sometimes setting up the development environment became a tedious task, especially when someone is new and starting to develop and test programming languages.

So you want to run PHP and mysql on your system, and thats very easy if you know this before that there is a package known as the XAMPP, which you can use to immediately get on with development of PHP and mysql, following is the official link for this package

It has got installers for Windows, Linux and Mac Users.

For a more advanced user i would recommend opening this link on Source force page.

you will get more choices.

And for Windows download the latest zip folder which is in this link as the date of writing this article,

In general you can go to the

and open the first folder and then download the zip folder which comes in the package.

Before installing you need to make sure the port 80 is not being used by any other application, If you are using Skype, it might cause a issue so close the application for a while, what i will recommend, to not to start skype which windows start.

Now you can install xampp, and you can open a page http://localhost/

This will show you options and details of the, if you are getting a

Webpage not available error

Then take a look at your services, For this just click the start button and type services you will see a little gear you can open it other wise you can open run and type


and hit enter, now you can see services

you will see a entry for Apache2.x

When you select the service you will see a link to start the service in left pane in services you can start it, additionally you should also set it as automatic, just right click the service and open properties, in the Startup type select Automatic and hit Apply then ok, check if you service is running, you can also start it from here.